We have experience and expertise across a wide range of different types of studies, including these:

  • Toys and video games/apps
  • Food and nutrition
  • Beverages
  • Confectionery
  • Advertising/public relations
  • Entertainment
  • Publishing
  • Healthcare/pharmaceutical
  • Direct marketing
  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Charity/non profit
  • Digital media/content

We Deliver VALUE

  • We bring value to our clients because we function as partners, sharing our clients’ priorities and needs.
  • We offer objective perspectives, customized guidance, decision-making support, and exceptional client service.
  • We use findings and insights from psychology, sociology, economics, and neuroscience to help us understand consumer behavior.
  • We experiment and design innovative, effective marketing research techniques and tools.
  • We creatively adapt consumer data into winning marketing solutions.
  • We recruit the right research subjects and work with the best field facilities in the country.

TANGIBLES we deliver

Our final output is tailored to our client’s needs. We offer:

  • Written reports: from top lines to full reports, we deliver customized, clear, and relevant reports that tell the story of what we learned and what that means for our clients businesses.
  • Work sessions and facilitated debriefs: immediately following the research with key stakeholders for sharing, examination and immersion in the findings; and to accelerate the process of actionable next steps.
  • Video narratives: telling the visual story in an engaging way and bringing consumers to life.
  • Formal client presentations.