Full Reports

Full reports contain customized, clear, and relevant
insights that weave together the story of what we learned
and what that means for our clients' businesses. These reports typically contain major conclusions at the beginning, supported by detailed findings.


Topline reports

Similar to the full report, just streamlined and shorter. A topline report focuses on insight headlines and does not include comprehensive detailed findings.

work session.png

Facilitated Work Sessions

Shortly following the research, we facilitate a work session with our immediate client or client team to immerse ourselves in the findings and, together, begin to shape conclusions from the research.

oral debrief.png

Oral Debriefs

Either following the work session or shortly after the research, we hold an in-person or virtual debrief with our clients to share key learnings. This is especially useful for clients who want to accelerate the reporting process in order to quickly take action on learnings from the research.


Rapid Recap Videos

Using video, we present research findings to get the key conclusions and recommendations out to our clients in a faster and more engaging way. This video format can also be an easy way to learn about the key research findings for peripheral stakeholders who have less time to invest in the details of the research.


 Visual Insights Deck

Accompanying a full or topline report, we create custom-designed strategy and insight visuals that can serve as takeaway pieces used to share the results of research or to gain buy-in across an organization.


Video Insights

We bring insights to life dynamically on video. This may take the form of animated graphics or edited video clips from the research. Either way, this format is best for high-stakes research projects that require more investment for research that is presented internally.