Front of Glass Methods

These methodologies are usually seen as traditional forms of qualitative research, but just because they’re traditional doesn’t mean they’re uninspired. These established techniques are deep-rooted in qualitative research for a reason: They provide the right environment to go beyond the rational surface to the emotional response.


Focus Groups

Focus groups consist of 4-10 respondents gathered as a group in a comfortable and safe environment to share and build on each other’s thoughts, experiences and perceptions. 


In Depth Interviews

An in-depth interview (IDI) with a single respondent is well suited for evaluating marketing communications work or content. Designed to imitate the way they see communications in the real world, IDIs allow consumers to evaluate the communications material independently without the influence of others.

IDIs are also the best choice for personal and complex discussions about purchase decision-making processes, product lifecycle research, and other individualized topics.


Dyads and Triads

Interviewing 2-3 respondents often represents the best of both worlds: the closeness of the depth interview and the dynamics of the group. 

Sometimes the interviewees will not know each other. Other times, it’s beneficial to the research for interviewees to know each other (i.e. mother/child, friends, brother/sister, husband/wife). Paired interviews with parents are also helpful when talking to younger kids about more complex subject matter.


 "Let's Play" Sessions

Play sessions are typically conducted with 2-4 kids to observe their play patterns. They are a step toward more organic, observational research, but in a controlled environment. We create as natural of a play setting as possible, while still allowing for the play sessions to be observed live by the client team.


Usability Testing

Usability tests are designed to get a first-hand look at how users navigate or maneuver a product or system that is put in front of them. This technique is primarily designed for observation, supported by probing to understand a consumer's observed behavior. 


Consumer Panels

Ideal for research over the course of a product development cycle or multi-step research that requires ongoing consumer feedback, we use panels to bring back respondents who participate in a series of focus groups or depth interviews. Panels can provide a cost-efficient way to gain quick and regular availability to consumers.

Beyond the Glass Methods

Sometimes you have to get out from behind the mirror to truly understand how the consumer behaves. These methodologies take the research outside of a research facility and directly into the consumer domain. 


In home & Shopping ethnographies

Ethnographies allow us to step directly into a consumer's life to gain a first-hand understanding of how consumers think and behave. Ultimately, this approach allows us to grasp the consumer perspective, develop meaning around beliefs, and enter into the consumer's life in a real and relevant way. 


online qualitatives

Online interviewing has historically been and is still being used as a tool to enhance face-to-face research or to check in with consumers on long term in-home usage tests. Recently, however, reaching consumers over the web has become a cost effective avenue for us to get quick answers to research questions. 

Please note: Online quals cannot be used to test confidential material. 


Facilitated creativity sessions

Using creative problem solving, innovative teamwork, and meeting management process, we facilitate creativity sessions with consumers and co-creation sessions with management teams and consumers. The aim of these sessions is to generate insights and new ideas, to select and streamline the best ideas, and to build on the most feasible ideas for further consumer testing and next steps.


Online Diaries

Online diaries allow us to track the day-to-day lives of the consumer and study the ways they spend their time, energy, and money. Additionally, using an online platform allows data to be pulled quickly, easily, and efficiently for constant new information and daily insights. 


inspiration collages

Inspiration collages, whether physical or virtual, give us a peek into the creative mind of the consumer and allow us to visually understand their true perception of and feeling toward brands, ideas, or product...without putting words into their mouths. 


videO diaries 

Video or mobile diaries put the consumer in the driver seat as they introduce us to their world. This method is effective because it lets the consumer guide the conversation and highlight what is most important to them.