Podcasts for Kids: The New Ear Candy?


The soaring popularity of podcasts is not new news but the strong uptick in podcasts aimed at kids may be a surprising development no one saw coming.

In an increasingly high tech world getting more mobile by the second, this compelling content platform seems to be gaining a lot of traction among kids and their parents. 

Consider how much sense podcasting to kids makes:

  • Podcasts are a great solution for parents who want to reduce the amount of time kids spend gazing into screens.
  • They’re easy to access on portable, smart devices; they can be downloaded or streamed.
  • Podcasts are safer, and easier to control and supervise than You Tube videos or internet roaming.
  • There are tons of opportunities across everyday life for kids to listen—by themselves, with parents and siblings, in the car.
  • They’re a new way for kids to learn and to enhance auditory learning skills.
  • They are a new platform for fun learning on the go.
  • Podcasts require kids to listen, to think creatively, to conceptualize, to visualize words in their imaginations, to ask questions, and to participate in conversations about what they’ve heard.
  • They're a great platform for storytelling—and what kid doesn’t love listening to a good story?

Already, kids are podcasting in school, creating their own podcasts with friends (with recording technology made easy), listening to mini podcasts on smart speakers while brushing their teeth, and tapping into podcasts apps. 

So how do brands make podcasting work for them? How can podcasts for kids be a new and compelling touchpoint for brands to build solid and long lasting relationships with tomorrow’s shoppers? 

Stay tuned!