Our Company

MLN Research was founded in 1987 by a single researcher, Megan Loughlin Nerz. Megan started the company as full service qualitative marketing and communications research firm. Over the years, MLN Research became a highly respected qualitative research firm with industry-leading clients like LEGO, Kraft, and Disney. 

At MLN Research, our ultimate goal is to help our clients make the right strategic decisions based on our research findings and insights. However, we also believe that research doesn't have to be boring! To that end, our researchers actively seek creative and unique ways to adapt consumer data into actionable and winning marketing strategies. 

One major thing that sets us apart is our size: MLN Research is comprised of four researchers with experience in all aspects of qualitative research. When working with MLN, your project won't get passed from a coordinator to a moderator to a writer–our researchers do it all. This approach means consistency and expertise from the beginning to the end of your project. Learn more about our process here.

The Team

Megan Loughlin Nerz

Megan Loughlin Nerz is a cofounder of MLN Research, which opened its qualitative doors in 1987. She started her career as the Director of Children’s Research at the Gene Reilly Group in 1979, but her involvement with kids and research goes back to the 1978 Federal Trade Commission hearings on the effects of TV Advertising on Children.

David nerz

David Nerz is a founding partner of MLN Research. With over 20 years experience in marketing research and having interviewed over 15,000 adults and kids in focus groups and depth interviews, he has vast experience in qualitative research and strategic planning.

Rebecca Presler

Rebecca Presler joined MLN Research in 2012 as a research associate. Since then, Rebecca has moved into planning, implementing, and analyzing her own qualitative research projects. Rebecca cites the creative and surprising nature of research as the fuel to her qualitative fire. 


Lindsay Wessel

Lindsay Wessel is a senior research manager at MLN Research. As a senior researcher, Lindsay designs, plans, implements, and analyzes qualitative research, developing recommendations that drive business decisions for leading consumer brands. Prior to joining MLN Research, Lindsay led consumer research and insights efforts for clients at Capstrat, a communications firm in Raleigh, N.C.